Undead and Unwed

09 Jan

WARNING:  This book would be a rated R if it were a movie.  If you’re 18 and below, please go back to your Harry Potter books.

Diary of Elizabeth Taylor (just call me Betsy because I’ve heard all the jokes before)

9:20 AM: Laid off from work.

11:00-ish AM:  Laundry.

8:00 PM:  **He calls. Yey! ***

Sometime around 10PM?: Got hit by a car.

Several hours later:  Cold. Woke up in the morgue. Wearing a tacky dress and shoes.  Stepmom stole my shoes!

Several hours more later:  Thith sucks!!! I suck!!

Note:  Did I mention that today is MY BIRTHDAY?

Betsy Taylor’s life started the day it ended.  Waking up in a morgue dressed in a tacky pink suit and worse – Payless shoes (courtesy of her Stepmonster), Betsy found it difficult to stay dead.  There’s the hankering for human blood, which keeps her up all night.  If that’s not bad enough, there’s a circulating prophesy of the rising of a Vampire Queen.  And that happens to be, yup,  Betsy.  With that, she has to battle a Bela Lugosi rip-off who calls himself Nostro (barf), and also deal with the ridiculous notions of friends to turn into a superhero. Well, not necessarily in that order.  Making her life more complicated is the tall, dark, and dangerous vampire named Sinclair (who seems to not just want to get her to work with him, but get into her knickers as well). What’s a vampire girl to do when you’re being bribed with Ferragamos?

I had misgivings when I was introduced to this series by a friend.  First of all, I don’t read chick lit because I dread reading estrogen-laden material. I’m living it already – my diary says it all.  But then the premise of a vampire chick hooked on designer shoes ruling the underworld sounds so hilarious I had to check it out.  I was not disappointed.  This is a laugh out loud series!  Betsy Taylor is the dumb blonde bloodsucker you’d love to have around.  Not to mention the sinfully tempting, Sinclair.  Sink your fangs into this one.  Betsy’s adventures is a comedy ride to Looneyville.

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