Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone (Revisited)

21 Jan

I’m am quite certain most people know who Harry Potter is.  I’m also certain that you know him well enough than your classmate seated on your left, or your co-worker on the right cubicle, or the neighbor at the end of the street, or maybe the man who delivers the milk in the morning. Unless you live in the boondocks, under the sea, or maybe off this planet.

It would be time-wasting to write Harry’s biography and it would even be more futile to write a review.  We know what he is and what happened to him in the end, and yes, we all love him.  If you don’t, there is something seriously wrong with you.

On June 30th 2010, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone celebrates its 13th year of publication. I know I’m six months early but just for fun, I’ve decided to revisit our favorite wizard by re-reading the series. I’m gonna post some things that crossed my mind while Harry was in his first year in Hogwarts.

I recall when I first stepped off from the world of Muggles, the place that captivated me the most was Diagon Alley. Maybe it’s the inherent female-shopping gene kicking in (but strangely I don’t really shop that much in real life), or probably just the out-of-this-world coolness of the stuff that’s been sold in that place that attracted me (Yes, robes are sexy.  LOL!).  So I made a shopping list of the 10 things I’d like to buy in Diagon Alley if there would be a crack in the space-time-reality-fantasy continuum.  (Some things listed are not necessarily mentioned in the series, but given the chance, maybe it could exist in Harry Potter’s world!)

10 Things I’d Like to Buy in Diagon Alley

1. The trendy witch hand bag. Like a bottomless pit, you can fill it in with all your knick knacks without worrying about space or weight.

2. Rita Skeeter’s notepad. Very handy for dictations.

3. The wizard’s version of a camera. Wouldn’t it be cool if your pictures are moving? 🙂

4. Self-stirring cauldron (or pot). Saves time and effort on cooking.  If there’s a self-frying frying pan that’s sure not to burn what you’re cooking, everybody will be gourmet chefs!

5.  Rememberall. Very handy for people who forget names or places .. like me!

6. Nimbus 2000 broom. Your hybrid’s got nothing on this baby. It’s greener with zero carbon emissions.  Saves 1/4 of your life by reducing time spent on mind-numbing traffic, and its parking space is just a closet.  Also, you can probably use it in manual cleaning activities too.

7. Love potion. Self-explanatory.:-D

8. Wizard’s Tent. Making your outdoor travel comfy.  If I have a tent like what they have, I probably wouldn’t buy a house anymore.

9. An Owl. Yes, we have real owls here on Earth, but these owls in Harry’s world seem smarter than dogs. Plus they make sure all your correspondence reach the person, they’re more reliable than e-mail (Mailer Daemon error blah blah).  And I think they’re good pets as well.

10.  Skele-Gro. I can now attempt all the stupid sports I’d like to try without worrying about breaking my bones … I just have to make sure though I won’t get killed or this thing will be useless.


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