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Sherlock S3

January 1st 2014 was not just a New Year for the BBC Sherlock fandom. It marked the end of the 2-year nail-biting, hair-pulling, brain-wrecking wait for Season 3. After the world’s  only consulting detective’s leap to death in 2012, all theories on how he survived the fall were put to rest (did it?) when “The Empty Hearse” finally aired with a bang of 9 million plus viewers just in the UK (Also worth mentioning are the illegal downloads in other regions who cannot wait for the US airing date of January 19th). Reviews so far are mixed, but it’s pretty clear though no matter how good or bad Holmes’s waiter disguise (and not to mention his French accent) was, everyone is glad that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are back in Baker Street. (Yes, even Anderson was glad.)

Sherlock Season 3

The second episode “The Sign of Three” aired with 8.8 million viewers and was one of the most tweeted show on that particular airing date. Holmes may have delivered one of the strangest best man speech ever (and unconsciously solving an actual case on the spot), SH still managed to impress even the bewildered groom himself for the heart-warming honesty on certain points … while it lasted.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Dr. Watson’s blog attests to it.

But then again, it was SH himself who actually made the post. (Nice one.)

Impending doom awaits fans once more, as the final episode for this season “His Final Vow,” will be airing on January 12th and hence another wait will once again begin. (Hopefully, it wouldn’t be another 2 years!!). A new nemesis under the name Charles Augustus Magnussen, the king of blackmail, will be crossing Sherlock’s path and (as per rumours) will kill off someone significant to Holmes or Watson this coming Sunday.

new nemesis

At least we’re assured it won’t be Holmes himself (because killing him is just so two years ago).

So while Mark Gatiss et al will leave us (again) to reruns and to guesswork as to what will happen to Sherlock Holmes in Season 4, it would be fun to wonder how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would find this version of his character if he is alive to watch it.

(Personally speaking, I’m sure he’d love this version’s Irene Adler.)

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