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The Supernatural Hex

It’s one of the worst addictions I have acquired for the past few months. (And I thought coffee was already a bad enough habit.)

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a CW television horror series.

Supernatural (or SPN) centers on two brothers, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) Winchester. They are off-the-grid characters (bordering on felons) travelling across America, hunting and killing supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves, ghosts, etc. While conceptualized as a weekly horror show, its main theme is about family, demonstrated by the brotherly (and sometimes disturbing) bond between Dean and Sam. (They have “slash” fans, if you know what I mean).

Aside from the story, SPN features classic rock music, a 1967 Chevy Impala which doubles as the Winchester’s home while on the road, and enough inside jokes which can render the non-watcher completely bewildered on why “pudding” is hilarious.

The Winchesters

** WARNING: I will tell my version of their story. It will be filled with details which may induce yawning (‘cuz you know them already) or may make you strangle me for over-sharing. Don’t tell me later I didn’t care about your feelings.**

So aside from the regular monster of the week killing spree, the entries below will describe the seasonal dilemma and the implied bitchy hellatuses/hellati (?) in between that the super-fans had to endure while watching this show.

Season 1:  Dean and Sam searches for John Winchester (their father) while figuring out the connection between the mysterious demise of Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica, and their mother’s death 22 years earlier. Fast forward several monsters later and blah blah blah, THEY FIND DAD. Only in the end all three of them figure in a car crash. (Such a happy reunion.)

Season 2: To save Dean’s life (badly injured in the crash), John Winchester makes a deal with the same demon who killed his wife. So by the end of episode one, Dean lives and dad goes to hell.  Meanwhile, Sam starts to develop psychic powers. This troubles Dean because these “powers” seem to be connected to the Yellow-Eyed Demon (or YED) Azazel, who was responsible for their mum’s and Jessica’s deaths (and technically speaking, dad’s death as well).  They were able to eliminate YED.  But whilst battling YED, the Winchesters (along with friends, Ellen Harvelle and Bobby Singer) failed to prevent the opening of The Devil’s Gate. Hence, unleashing hundreds of scary demons on earth. Oh by the way, before all these things happened … Sam died. And in true Winchester tradition, Dean makes a deal with a crossroads demon in exchange for Sam’s life. Sam is resurrected (hence, was able to help in defeating YED), and Dean has one year to live before he goes to hell.

Season 3: Sam tries to find a way to save Dean from his fate. At the same time, they try to send some escaped demons back to the pit. After a writers’s strike and only 16 episodes (which is roughly less than a year’s work in TV series world), Dean Winchester goes to hell. (Fan girls cry throughout the hiatus).

And then something interesting walked in the neighborhood ….

If it’s not the wings, it’s the trench coat.

Season 4:  After spending summer in the pit, Dean walks out of hell. And no, Sam did not deal with a demon (he was just semi-dating a Ruby).  A Castiel happened. And while we’re at it, the angel (the picture explains it) tells Dean he’s got some heavenly work to do (hence, why the saving of his butt in hell).  This job happens to be stopping the rising of Lucifer.  How the heck to manage it? Prevent 66 seals that hold the Fallen’s cage from being broken by the demon, Lilith. Add to Dean’s laundry list, prevent Sam from going Vader. (C’mon Sam, dating a demon? Really, what did you expect?)  Meanwhile, Dean tries to dodge the other angels (who happen to be “dicks”) with the help of Castiel (who sided with Dean and rebelled for Dean). After all this, Dean fails in preventing Sam from going darkside and killing Lilith (who happens to be the last of the 66 seals to be broken).  In the end, Castiel gets blown into smithereens. Lucifer rises. The Apocalypse starts. Sam and Dean “dies.” (Clap your hands anyway, Dean killed Ruby).

(I love season 4. It was the most fantastic of them all, in my opinion).

Season 5: Sam and Dean gets magically transported in a plane, thanks to God. So they’re resurrected (again). Angels (and demons) try to get to them because the Apocalypse just started and the title fighters, Archangel Michael and Lucifer, will be needing their “vessels,” which happens to be … you guessed it, Dean and Sam. (The universe seems to revolve around these two).  Castiel, also not dead, searches for God in order to stop the end of the world. He fails, so he goes drinking.  Meanwhile, aside from refusing to be prom dresses for the warring Archangels, the brothers have to stop the four horsemen: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. After acquiring three rings from War, Famine, and Pestilence (and losing some friends), the Winchesters finally get some reprieve by gaining Death’s help and assistance from a demon named Crowley. The brothers hatch up a plan which inevitably separates them. Lucifer was able to body-snatch Sam and faces off with Michael (who was wearing Adam, the Winchester’s half-brother … one episode, just watch it sometime).  Anyway, in the last minute Sam was able to control Lucifer and hurls himself (and Lucifer) along with Michael into the waiting cage. Castiel appears again (after being killed by Lucifer because he threw a Molotov at Michael and yelled “Assbutt” – yes, you have to know these things) and tries to comfort Dean. Dean gives up hunting and moves in with a former flame, Lisa, and her son, Ben.

And then at the end of the whole finale, Sam watches Dean across the street.

(Everybody goes WTH?!)

Season 6: Sam is alive.  Half of the season is devoted to answering the mystery of his return and why he acts strange. And then to the discovery that he is missing his soul (which is still left in the cage with Lucifer and Michael). Furthermore, how Dean plans to retrieve Sam’s soul, and while doing so how to defeat The Mother-of-All monsters – and we’re not talking of Lady Gaga.  (That was a long half season.) Meanwhile, Castiel is fighting a civil war in heaven against Archangel Raphael.  In the process, he teams up with Crowley to get souls from Purgatory to have an upper hand in the battle. Somewhere towards the end, Sam gets his soul (“undamaged” as long as the brain “wall” built by Death remains intact). And they kill the Mother-of-All monsters. However, Castiel double-crosses Crowley, betrays the Winchesters, goes darkside and claims to be the new God.

With the exception of The French Mistake (hands down, the funniest episode in SPN history), Season 6 is not exactly my kind of pie. Though I don’t agree with some of the opinions, I think the Youtube video of Hitler said it best:

Hitler’s Reaction to Supernatural Season 6 Finale

(Kudos to iluffKakashi for making this video hilarious enough.)

Season 7: Castiel’s sudden rise to power resulted in an equivalent downfall. He had to return the souls he took from Purgatory, died in the process, and unfortunately released the suckiest villains ever – the Leviathans, monsters which eat people with extra cheese and gets killed off by borax (alright, beheading too). Meanwhile, Sam starts seeing HaLucifer (hallucinations of Lucifer) as the “wall” put up by Death slowly gets breached because of Castiel’s betrayal.  Adding more injury: the beloved Impala gets hidden while they keep a low profile from the powerful Leviathan, Dick Roman. Adding more more injury: Bobby Singer, the boys’s foster father, dies and turns into a ghost. So don’t blame Dean when he became more alcoholic. Castiel finally returns only to become crazy and useless after transferring Sam’s hallucinations to himself (as redemption to what he has done) ….

The board game of redemption.

(While I join some fans in a collective facepalm and pray to God for a Season 8 renewal, the unexpected finale strolls along waking me from alcoholic coma.)

…..  After finally killing Dick Roman (yes!), Dean and Castiel find themselves in Purgatory while Sam is left alone (and clueless). So what the heck happened? Boys and girls, let’s all thank … CROWLEY! Desperate to get rid of the Winchesters, Dick Roman made a mistake by dealing with the king of hell. Unfortunately, the boys also committed the same mistake semi-trusting the demon. So in the end, the Winchesters & Castiel and Dick Roman got double crossed by Crowley.

Damn it, I love this show.

Postscript: I was late in joining the Team Winchester bandwagon. The series was already in the middle of the seventh season airing on Fridays (an indication that it was headed to the graveyard) when I started watching it.  I barely had 5 months –  from Season 1 and to catching Season 7’s finale last week. Imagine my glee upon hearing the news that this show is renewed for an 8th season and moved to a Wednesday.

This is my first time to experience “hellatus.” It’s been less than a week and I had to deal by blogging about it.

Waiting for October 10th will be painful.


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