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When Music Turns EPIC

What I enjoy most about internet surfing is when you stumble on things you absolutely don’t give a hoot about before, and then in less than 5 minutes you become its minion.

One particular day I was searching the theme of the TV Show, Cold Case, in YouTube.  While reading comments of the video and trying to make sense what the frickin’ argument was about, an adjective ” EPIC keeps popping up in their sentences. The sidebar contained several related videos, which contain family photos of your neighborhood Nazgul, their cousins from Mordor, and scantily-clad fantasy women your nerds can imagine .

I made the EPIC move of clicking to these links.

Some call it EPIC MUSIC. This is a type of orchestral music fused with some elements of any  kind of music out there (electronica, pop etc.). Some people call it Trailer Music or Soundtrack Music because more often you’d actually hear these pieces in movies, trailers, TV show themes, and video games.

A fine example is E.S. Posthumus “Unstoppable,”

… which was used in Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows Trailer

Read the comments of these EPIC MUSIC videos in YouTube and you will most likely observe that:

1. Chuck Norris owned something.

2. A mediocre task just got intense.

3. Mass Effect, Skyrim, and other stuff that keep your brothers in the basement are always involved.

4. Something small turned into something huge. Like Bruce Banner turning into The Hulk.

5.  LARP-ing (live action role playing) in the thread gets out of hand.

Now why am I giving a hoot about this thing? Because it really is EPIC.

Experiment one album of E.S. Posthumus, Two Steps From Hell, Thomas Bergersen, Zack Hemsey, Position Music, and the likes while doing something (working out, reading a book, washing the dishes). And then try to understand what the heck just happened. 😀

(I listened to Thomas Bergersen’s album Illusions while I was driving, I felt I was hurtling into the far reaches of space in the Millennium Falcon …  or my car was about to transform into an Autobot.)

I suggest Silmarillion, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Songs of Fire and Ice, Wheel of Time, Chronicles of Narnia, or any DC, Vertigo, Marvel superhero comic book while listening to some of the music below.

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Comett – Once Upon A Time/City of Lights

I don’t really post music videos on this blog, but I’ll make an exception for these guys, Comett.  Really cool video and this particular song can be my blog’s theme.


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